Lifting Equipment

Metal is versatile – Maasch & Kirsch too!



Hebezeuge - Klemmen

Clamps made individually, matched to the load to be absorbed.


Hebezeuge - Traversen

Beam trusses, cross trusses and spreading trusses adapted to the load.

Support blocks

Hebezeuge Auflagerböcke

Support blocks for safe parking of heavy loads.

Barrel spiders

Hebezeuge - Fassspinnen und Klemmen

Barrel spinning and clamps for a wide variety of barrels, including individual solutions.

Lifting aids SLG

Hebezeuge - Hebehilfe / Schwerlastgitterroste

Individual production for all types of lifting aids / gratings.

Filler necks

Hebezeuge Abfüllstutzen Handlingshilfe

This attachment can be operated with a hand stacker. It makes it easier to handle heavy hoses or nozzles for filling products.

IBC tipping cars

Hebezeuge - IBC-Kippwagen

The IBC tipping car enables IBCs to be completely emptied or transferred. The full IBC is lifted onto the tilting frame using a forklift truck.

Tilting devices


Here is a mobile mount for a gear motor, which can then be tilted 90 ° and transported away.

Lifting aids LF

Hebezeuge - Hebehilfe und Löschflaschen

Permanently mounted extinguishing bottles that are integrated in a system can be changed here. The Load handling equipment can be locked without tools. Three attachment points for variable use even at low lift heights.

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